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The rose window design of AM Ferrotecnica’s custom-made gates has become a hallmark of the city of Assisi

Particolare rosone cancello AM Ferrotecnica

Particolare rosone cancello AM Ferrotecnica

There are signs that have withstood the test of time. Like water that deposits sediment along its course, over time they have acquired meaning and risen to the rank of symbol.

Others have sunk back into oblivion and returned to their original, conventional state. But only time can tell whether a sign will weave itself into the tapestry of the history of a people and emerge as a symbol within the collective memory.” Georges Jean

From many churches to countless publications or reproductions in which craftsmanship is able to produce timeless works of art, the rose window design has become a hallmark of Assisi and Umbria as a region. With his cancelli d’autore custom-made gates, Emilio Agostinelli was one of the first to adapt the rose window design to the hard medium of iron, when along with his architect friend Fabio Rossi he presented his new “I ROSONI” line of registered and patented gates and fencing. Emilio Agostinelli was also behind the idea of reproducing the rose window design for the pressroom that was set up for the official visit to Assisi by Pope Francis.

With years of experience in ironworking, AM Ferrotecnica has accumulated a broad variety of designs  for gates and fencing. From a consolidated position as sector leader for Central Italy, this firm is now embarking on a national and international expansion programme.

1011689_470312899729761_780430028_nAM Ferrotecnica owner Emilio Agostinelli, who likes to describe himself as a “craftsman” entrepreneur and who in recent years has displayed a remarkable talent for anticipating market trends, kindly agreed to talk to our news desk:

Desk: Emilio Agostinelli, how long have you been at the helm of this firm that is now leader in Central Italy for the production and design of iron fencing and gates?

Emilio A.: Practically since the beginning, given that it belonged to my father and I have always tried to keep it abreast with the times by following and sometimes even anticipating market trends.

D: What are the mainstays of your product range?

E.: Certainly gates and fencing, which are now certified also for sale abroad.

D: Getting ready for the big leap abroad?

E.: Yes but I would like to stress that I produce 100% Made in Italy. My firm in Assisi works steel ‘sartorially’, tailoring fencing and gates with precision to our clients’ needs and to best suit the building with which they need to interact. Right now we are ready also for export and are already doing good business in Switzerland.

D.: So although Umbria will remain your logistics and production base, have you now opened distribution and sales plants in Northern Italy?

E.: Yes, we have opened in Lombardy and Liguria, and are getting ready to open also in Emilia Romagna.

D.: If you don’t mind my asking, Signor Emilio, in times of crisis like these is it still worthwhile investing in quality?

E.: Absolutely yes, and in my view quality is the only solution for getting out of the crisis! The crisis is nothing but an opportunity waiting to be snapped up. It’s our system that is in a crisis, not our ideas. Made in Italy is much in demand abroad.

And while we’re on the subject of innovation, I would just like to say that after the “Rosoni” rose window gates series we will be launching a new line that aims to reconcile quality with today’s market needs. It’s name is EKOnomica – modular, easy-to-install fencing that we have already tested, made in series and  conceived to suit the requirements of anyone wishing to fence anything from a building site to a private home without spending a fortune.

D.: Just one more question, Signor Emilio Agostinelli: what is your next challenge?

E.: I aim to create high quality gates and fencing with ever higher standards of innovation and elegance, to be the perfect frame for any home.

AM Ferrotecnica welcomes you to Assisi or Milan at Spazio Missione Architetto Milano Ovest, Trezzano sul Naviglio (close to Exit 5 of the Tangenziale Ovest).



AM Ferrotecnica

Loc. Palazzo di Assisi

Via dell’Artigianato, sn – 06080 – Assisi  (PG)

Tel. e Fax : 075 8065365 – Cell. 328.4203441





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